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BioCLIA®6500 Launched in Germany

Frankfurt, Germany, May 10th, 2019

HOBs partner in Germany, medac Gesellschaft für klinische Spezialpräparate mbH, a German pharmaceutical company who offers both diagnostic and therapeutic agents, organized a launch event in Frankfurt, Germany on May 10th, 2019, to announce to its customers the BioCLIA®6500 system manufactured by HOB Biotech Group Corp., Ltd. BioCLIA®6500 was revealed to medac customers in a theatrical prehistorical Dino setting in the renowned natural history museum, Naturmuseum Senckenberg.


It is the first time that BioCLIA®6500 system has been launched in Europe. HOB is very proud with the offering of BioCLIA®6500 first in Europe to Germany that has world-wide reputation for the high quality of its products. Mr. John Li, HOB President and CEO, said HOB is “both excited and concerned” because the quality standard applied to BioCLIA®6500 is both recognized and highly expected by medac with its customers. HOB is very confident on the quality of BioCLIA®6500 with associated reagents offered to German and global market, though HOB is also modestly inviting feedback and comments from audience for continuous improvements for future product offering with even higher standards.


Dr. Elaine Taine, Managing Director of HOB Biotech Group, USA, gave the first lecture, entitled “BioCLIA®6500 – The New Generation Of Autoimmune Diagnostics”, in which she shared the story of HOB and BioCLIA®6500 that underwent tremendous investment and dedicated development efforts. She introduced to the audience the most desired features of the system. BioCLIA®6500 is a fully automated system, custom-designed for autoimmunity in vitro testing with features such as random access, advanced paramagnetic-microparticle-based CLIA technology, most comprehensive autoimmune test menu, high flexibility in test selection, and ease of use. Her lecture was well received, and much enlightening and interest were generated in the audience on this new generation of instrument.

Prof. Dr. med. Markus Gaubitz, Münster, and Prof. Dr. med. Philipp von Landenberg, Schüttorf, each gave a lecture in German to the audience, on “News on rheumatology from laboratory and therapy”, and “Evolution of autoimmune diagnostics / development and adaptation to modern laboratory processes”, respectively. They shared from clinical medicine and laboratory science point of view the recent trends in rheumatology on diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune diseases. Dr. Prof. von Landenberg specifically shined light on the advancement of in vitro diagnosis thanks to the emerging of BioCLIA®6500.


The responses from the audience were highly positive. Potential customers were drawn near to the instrument with great interest. Many hovered over BioCLIA®6500 to get a clear view and hands-on experience. Technical lead from medac with Dr. Taine’s assistance gave on-instrument instructions on the operation and answered technical questions. They all shared the excitement on seeing such a newly developed system and very much impressed by the most desired features of BioCLIA®6500.


Launch of BioCLIA®6500 in Germany that is both the origin of autoimmunity IVD manufacturers and the leader of quality has profound significance on HOB’s further promotion of BioCLIA®6500 to the European markets such as Spain, Italy, France, and so on. HOB’s future success is within reach.




About medac Gesellschaft für klinische Spezialpräparate mbH

medac is the only German pharmaceutical company to offer both diagnostic and therapeutic agents originating from its own development and production activities. For personalized medicine this creates a very good basis for the development and ongoing improvement of active ingredients. Precise individual patient-based diagnosis is crucial for optimizing therapeutic measures and for ensuring maximum treatment success.


About medac Diagnostics

The medac Diagnostics team employs 50 staff members who are responsible for the development, production and marketing of in-vitro diagnostics (IVD). These products comprise standardized methods and reagents that are used in specialist laboratories to test patient samples (of blood, cerebrospinal fluid, urine and tissue) and to identify particular disease states.

medac specializes in the diagnosis of infectious diseases and cancer and in partnering with life science research, supplying its products to laboratory doctors in private practice, hospital laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and research institutes.


About HOB Biotech Group Corp., Ltd.

HOB Biotech Group (HOB) is an innovative in vitro diagnostic company founded by overseas returnees with education and decades of industrial experience in the United States. HOB is specialized in providing diagnostic tools to laboratories and hospitals for the improvement of allergy and autoimmune disease patient care. HOB is highly committed to providing innovative and effective, "affordable and reliable" diagnostic products for patients worldwide. Since established in 2009, with dedicated R&D investment, HOB has gradually become in China the market leader in allergy diagnostics and a rising star in autoimmune diagnostics. HOB has established a world-class global R&D center in China and US, with a well experienced IVD product development team. HOB has established a large-scale, ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility providing high quality products ranging from line immuno assay (BioLINE®), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (BioLISA®) to more advanced chemiluminescent paramagnetic microparticle immuno assay (BioCLIA®). We strive to meet customer needs and continuously improve our product and service.