The HOB Story

HOB Biotech Group (HOB) is an innovative in vitro diagnostic company founded by overseas returnees with education and decades of industrial experience in the United States. We are specialized in providing diagnostic tools to laboratories and hospitals for the improvement of allergy and autoimmune disease patient care. We are highly committed to providing innovative and effective, "affordable and reliable" diagnostic products for patients worldwide.

Since established in 2009, with dedicated R&D investment, HOB has gradually become in China the market leader in allergy diagnostics and a rising star in autoimmune diagnostics. We have established a world-class global R&D center in Suzhou, China and California, US, with a well experienced IVD product development team. We have established a large-scale, ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China, providing high quality products ranging from line immuno assay (BioLINE), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (BioLISA) to more advanced chemiluminescent paramagnetic microparticle immuno assay (BioCLIA).

We strive to meet customer needs and continuously improve our service capabilities. We have built a customer service team covering 34 provinces and municipalities across China to provide professional technical service in a timely manner.

Based in Asia, Influencing the World

HOB’s mission is to develop and offer customers “affordable and reliable” products in allergy and autoimmune in vitro diagnostics, with the-state-of-art technologies, top-notch quality, and competitive pricing. As a leading manufacturer with strong R&D capability, HOB is expanding its global influence by forming strategic alliances with companies worldwide to provide high-quality and cost-effective products.