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BioCLIA® Thyroid – Chemiluminescent Microparticle
Immunoassay for Thyroid Markers Screening

BioCLIA1200, the recently launched fully automated and random-access platform, has a test menu of 6 thyroid markers on board, which is also cover 52 autoantibody assays as the most comprehensive testing menu.

BioCLIA assays implement the magnetic microparticle and chemiluminescence technology that offers a broad dynamic range and high precision that is superior to the traditional ELISA technology, and thus provides quantitative results with premium detection sensitivity and measurement precision that aid in the diagnosis of autoimmune and thyroid diseases.

Thyroid Assay Menu
FT3 FT4 Total T3 Total T4 TG TSH

Assay Principle

1. Six-point calibration
2. Onboard reagents stable for 4-8 weeks
3. Broad dynamic range
4. High sensitivity
5. Quantitative and reproducible results