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HOB Line Machine

HOB Line Machine automates protein immunoblotting on a strip, designed for clinical laboratories, research institute labs and disease control center labs, with much improved efficiency and result reliability for LIA.


HOB Line Machine automates the running procedure for the Line Immuno Assay (LIA) Detection Kits, including those for antinuclear antibodies (ANA), extractable nuclear antigen (ENA), anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA), and autoimmune liver disease (ALD) detection, as well as HOB Allergy Line Products. It fully eliminates manual operation, and largely increases the testing efficiency and result reliability.

Technical Data

1. Capacity: 40 strips per run
2. Dispensing manifold: 6 channels (additional 2 channels optional)
3. Dispensing volume: adjustable within 0.5-3.0 ml
4. Procedures memory: 15 steps with 20 subroutine for each step
5. Incubation temperature: 25°C/30°C/37°C
6. Incubation time: 0-48 hours and adjustable
7. Incubation tray agitation frequency: adjustable at 0, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1.0Hz
8. Display: LCD
9. Container volume
10. Wash buffer: 1000 ml
11. Diluent: 1000 ml
12. Waste: 2000 ml
13. Input/Output: RS-232, USB
14. Voltage and electric current: A.C. 110-220V±22V, 50-601Hz±1Hz
15. Weight: 22.5 kg
16. Dimension: 60 cm(L) × 45 cm(W) × 40 cm(H)


1. Compatible with HOB Line Software
2. Fully automates all HOB Allergy & Autoimmune LIA assays
3. Space friendly
4. High throughput: 40 strips per run
5. User-friendly software
6. Incubation temperature control
7. Auto-calibration of dispensing volume
8. CE mark
9. Easy installation, operation and maintenance
10. LIS connection
11. User friendly interface
12. Intelligent data management and records archiving