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HOB BioCLIA® system acquires high recognition in the independent evaluation carried in Germany

24 May 2018

After a successful launch of the BioCLIA® system in China, we are pleased to announce that HOB and its German partner just concluded the intensive independent evaluation of our flagship diagnostic system, the BioCLIA® system in Germany. This is a major milestone in our plan to launch BioCLIA® in Germany.

BioCLIA® is an innovative fully automated immunoassay analyzer based on magnetic particles and chemiluminescence technology. This innovative new system can simultaneously measure up to 24 types of analytes. With the important random-access capability, it delivers results much faster than traditional technology.

HOB’s German partner, medac (a well-established company in the autoimmune field in Germany), just finished a five-month intensive independent evaluation on BioCLIA® system. The results are very satisfactory.

The evaluation was done with more than 5,900 clinical samples with multiple autoimmunity analytes tested on BioCLIA® system, then compared with the market leader in Europe. The expert in charge of this project, Prof. Philipp von Landenberg, one of the top autoimmunity experts in Germany and Medical Director of Specialty Lab at LADR Laboratory Nord-West, Schuettorf, Germany, concluded that BioCLIA® is ready for launch in Germany and appraised this system as a very stable system. The instrument operated without breakdown since November 2017. The system comes with the features of complete test portfolio and easy handling. It has “Very good Software / User Interface, and it is easy and intuitional to use”, according to the evaluation report.

"We are happy to see the good results and performance from this innovative BioCLIA® system. With no doubt, I will endorse this system and recommend its suitability for German and European labs.” said Professor von Landenberg. “In fact, there are systems that are inferior to BioCLIA® still being used in labs in Germany, there is the opportunity for upgrading to a better system with BioCLIA®” He added.